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  • Choosing the right hosting company Article on point to consider when looking for a new hosting company.

  • Webhosting reviews We review to top hosts available online, all offer affordable hosting but have subtle differences between them, find the fight hosting solution for your website quickly.

  • How to choose a domain name if you have no idea of what domain name you want to buy this article on domain name buying might help you out a little.

  • Website statistics That old stats program your lame host is offering for free getting you down? get some real statics on your internet traffic, print reports and examine exactly where your hits are coming from and where they are going. This is easy to setup and can make you much more money online.

Website Statistics Terminology Many of the terms used by stats programs are the same here are listed a few:
  • Uniques/Unique Visits - The number of unique visitors you had for the given time period.

  • Visits - The total visits, ignoring uniqueness, that a web site receives in a given time period.

  • Page Views - Each time a web page is loaded it is referred to as a page view. 

  • Hits - Every server request is counted as a hit, so if you have a web page with 15 images, then there will be multiple 15+ hits per page view. 

  • Direct Address & Bookmarks - This amount refers to the people who accessed your web site through their bookmarks or typed in your URL manually( typein traffic ). 

  • Referrer & Referral URL - The web address where the visitor followed a link to reach your web site.

  • Tips on website graphics

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