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Choosing Your Domain Name

Alright, so your website is built and your graphic elements are almost finalized. Now you are probably asking yourself "Why does my domain name matter - isn't the content more important?" Well, in theory you are correct, but a lot of people tend to search for a professional and reputable website to find their content. First impressions are always what humans tend to fall back on. Let me provide you with an extreme and yet accurate example; a new mother is looking for a school for her first child, she looks through the yellow pages, and she finds a school called "Skool 2Day". Now, although the name is creative, the mother will ponder for a second, but in most cases will not give the school a second thought. You want your domain name to be applied successfully, and to do such you will rely on the extension, length, straightforwardness, and keywords. 

When you are looking for a website, and you only know the company name you will often try the company name and add .com as the extension. More often than not, you will find the website just by adding the .com, and if not you will search the company through a search engine. You should try and avoid using extensions that are other than a .com unless you are creating a site where a .net or .org would apply. I wouldn't risk buying a .info domain name and advertising it, and realizing that you are not receiving many visitors. If you are creating a website for a specific country you may use an extension as you deem it appropriate.

You want to aim at buying a domain name that is short. Shorter domain names have less of a chance of being typed incorrectly, and they are easier to promote legibly. If you are in a business where you company name consists of multiple words, try and use abbreviations. The key to using abbreviations is to market and advertise your abbreviation. Two word domains are fine in most cases, but you put yourself in your client's shoes. If you own a company called Comedy-Movies, place a hyphen in your name, if not you should avoid doing such.

Your domain name should be straightforward and to the point. Don't try and advertise your website as something that you company isn't or something that it considers itself. You want to avoid purchasing a domain name that includes your slogan or any other promotional material that you use. A lot of domain name registration services offer "alternative" domain names if the domain name you wish to register is already taken. Those domain names are names that are usually not taken for the simple reason that nobody wants them. They are names that are often lengthy and can't be promoted successfully.

If you aren't creating a domain name based off of a business or company, you should try and create your domain name on keywords geared around the topic of the website. You want to choose words that are descriptive and commonly used to describe your subject, but rarely used in the domain names of similar websites. Make sure you pick descriptive words, and as long as the word is associated with the topic of your website, there is almost always room for promotion.

Now you want to combine all of the successful tips into the process of registering one domain name. If you have the funds to purchase multiple extensions, it may be a good idea to prevent competition sites to redirect those domains to their own websites. On the same note, try and avoid purchasing domain names where the same name is registered under a different extension. Your main goal is uniqueness and user ability. Web Hosting $6.95

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