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Choosing Your Hosting Company

So, you have your site all planned out, and you are ready for a hosting company? Well, there are a few things that you need to know about your hosting company and what you need from them. There are a few things that may change your mind if you are considering a prompt decision. As like most things in life, you need to take part in some research, and that is where you shall begin. Your hosting company is like the office that you work in; without it, your website is nonfunctional. There are a few items that I will talk about; I will concisely explain each element.

The main elements that you think of when discussing hosting options are Price, Disc Space, and Bandwidth. The price is always the deciding factor when choosing a hosting company, you want something that can handle your requirements, but yet fit within the allotted budget. If your hosting company does not fit within your budget, I would suggest looking over your budget, or considering the fact that you might need to exclude some of your requirements. The range of prices can vary for web hosting, but the average cost is from $4.99 to $9.99. The more you want and need, the more the cost of the web hosting will be, and on that same note, the less you want and need, the less the cost of the web hosting will be. If you are creating a small website, you can often find websites that have ads placed on your website in return for a free host. Disc Space is a factor that needs to be considered heavily. You should try to purchase a hosting plan that offers enough of space for you to have ? of the space unused. When considering bandwidth you want to consider the fact that you can receive a traffic rush one day, and that you don't want to pay any penalty fees. I would try to purchase a plan knowing that I am not planning to use 1/2 of that bandwidth.

Now, this is where we get into the complicated details, and we want to know what are the capabilities provided with our hosting plan. You should look into if you are provided with a Control Panel, which often includes a CGI script bin in which you can find useful scripts. A Control Panel usually has pre-installed software in which you can install onto your host within minutes, without as much hassle. Some hosts provide email accounts with your domain name, which can be extremely beneficial in the case that you don't want to use your personal account. If you are planning to run software such as PHP and MYSQL you should look into that as well.

The final check is reserved for looking into that company. If they offer plans that fit within your budget and requirements, see what they are all about. You want to look into their technical support system, and please don't always believe the "Testimonials" or the "About Us", although they may be helpful, some companies tend to forge that information. Ask customers about their previous experiences. You must remember that it is more of a hassle to attempt to breach a contract than it is to simply take an extra hour or two on researching what that company is all about. Web Hosting $6.95

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