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Free business web hosting, yeah right! If you really think you are going to get free hosting for your business website then think again, free websites are offered because these companies that supply know there going to make more off the advertising than you will ever make out of your site, they spend millions of dollars analysing where people are most likely to click, and that's where they put there banners! ie you lose out BIG TIME. Banner positioning on free business web hosts is just one trick, then there is the traffic redirection and other tactics they use to steal your money! If your considering creating any business website then use a paid host For less than $10 a month you can have your site on a professional web host that is affordable and reliable click here for our webhost rankings - - 25Mb with unlimited hits on a clustered web hosting platform. Banner ad required on each page; user ads are permitted. FTP uploads. Email forwarding. CGI-BIN access, MS FrontPage extensions supported. Domain hosting available. - - 12 MB, banners, FTP, credit card processing, shopping cart, merchant account, web site builder, domain hosting. - - For small businesses. 50Mb space and 1000Mb bandwidth. No forced Pop-up ads. FTP and browser uploads. PHP supported. Subdomain and domain hosting.

Zy Graphics - - 5Mb; On line editor and file-manager; 2-D and 3-D images. Fee programs are also available for individuals and businesses. - - 10 Mb; 24-pixel ad-frame at top of each page. FTP uploads. 1 POP/IMAP email account. Limited CGI support. Domain hosting and paid-hosting plans also available

Trap17 - - Requires forum posting. 50Mb with 500Mb bandwidth. FTP and browser uploads. Web-based email. MySQL, PHP, CGI, Perl, SSI, supported. cPanel provided. Domain and subdomain hosting.

#1 Colony - - 20 MB, banners, FTP, web-based email

Shyper Communications - - 100Mb with 10GB bandwidth. No forced ads. User ads are permitted. FTP uploads. MySQL supported. CPanel provided. POP3 email and forwarding. Subdomain hosting. - - 50Mb with 5Gb bandwidth. No forced banner ads. Browser uploads. Perl, SSI, SSL supported. Website statistics and builder provided

5gigs - - 80Mb with 5Gb bandwidth. FTP uploads. PHP and MySQL supported. Subdomain hosting.

Webhosts Under $10 Web Hosting $6.95

Easy Free Scripts

Easy CGI Web Hosting - $7.96 per month 2006