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This page contains links to free counters and stats programs for your website, the key problem is the word free, its a case of what you pay is what you get with stats programs, compared to website reporting packages like Index Tools none of these even come close to comparing especially since Index Tools now has a free 15 day trial, may as well be a free counter anyway. Having a complete understanding of your websites traffic is one of the top keys to success online, if your going to get a free counter then so be it, just realize that it is most likely costing you 30% of your income, just thru your own ignorance of what people are doing at, searching for and arriving from at your site. Get A FREE 15 day trial Of Index Tools Click Here .

ClickTracks Analyzer - - A visual approach to understanding how visitors interact with a site by displaying live page overlaid with data that visually shows how many people navigate any link. Also displays time spent and other data, along with a site map of how people navigate. Written by the author of the popular Analog analysis package.

WebTrends Corporation - - Offers enterprise solutions to provide advanced real-time analysis and reporting to identify customer trends, maximize return on investment, optimize content and campaigns and forecast revenue for their e-business initiative. web site traffic analysis software - - Offers advanced web site traffic analysis software and a free counter for measuring visitor behaviour.

Urchin - - Log Analysis/Web Statistics. Aimed at ISPs and large sites. Fully browser based reports, links to revenue, Multilingual functionality (including double-byte), runs on 15 flavors of UNIX, Windows 2000/NT and Cobal.

Wusage - - Web server log analysis package that runs on virtually every operating system with logs from nearly every server. Beyond standard reports (unique visitors, and referring sites). Also includes reports such as the site navigation graph.

AXS Visitor Tracking System - - This set of CGI scripts is used to log accesses to a web page, and to process those logs into meaningful graphs. Basically an all in one beacon and reporting system for a site.

Tacoda Systems - - Audience Management System is an end-to-end marketing application used for analyzing customer interactions and segmenting and monetizing audience members, while providing a directly actionable, closed-loop solution.

Sawmill - - A powerful, hierarchical log analysis tool for UNIX, Windows, and MacOS. Sawmill features hierarchical, cross-linked pages of statistics with powerful zooming and slicing capabilities. Excellent "path analysis" drill down section, for those with the patience to really dig down.

WebLog Expert - - Web server log analyzer. Includes usual site visitor info reports including paths through the site. Flexible filtering system. There is a freeware Lite version.

Ecommstats - - Site log and statistics analysis system that also tracks revenue by referrer.

Deepmetrix - - Offers real-time website analysis reporting and data mining capabilities that enable companies to understand visitor behavior, measure campaign ROI, and optimize clickstreams and e-commerce revenues.



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