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Make your website statistics area invisible to refer spammers

The problem with most hosting companies is they use second rate free stats reporting packages, these rudimentary programs mean that you the site owner are only getting 10% of the information you really need to target your website correctly, having a great statical reporting system is probably the competitive edge your competition has over you! Release the power of your website and marketing campaigns with easy to analyse and comprehensive page reporting. Index Tools is one such program, its remotely hosted which means refer spammers can't effect your site! It also very easy to install just copy and paste  a small bit of code to every page you want to track. Get A FREE 15 day trial.

Index Tools provides accurate, insightful and timely data to help you make informed business decisions about the performance of your website and online marketing campaigns. Use Index Tools reporting data to: 

  • Increase website conversion rates 

  • Optimize paid search campaigns 

  • Streamline the key paths to sale 

  • Track and analyze online revenue 

  • Improve website navigation and usability 

Index Tools is designed around simplicity. Each report is a departure point that lets you drill down for details, including trends, visitor paths and individual visitors or transactions. 

No software to download, no upgrades 
Since Index Tools is remotely hosted, there is no software to download or install. This means no wasted time setting up, maintaining or analyzing complex log files required by other web analytics services. Simply add our JavaScript tracking code to each page you wish to track. You donít need to hire additional staff to analyze log files or run software applications, because Index Tools does the work for you. 

On-demand tracking and reporting
Index Tools is an on-demand service, which means our servers perform all the tracking, data processing and reporting in real time Ė unlike conventional logfile analysis softwares which cannot. An additional advantage is you can log in and access your Index Tools reports from anywhere using a web browser. 

Technology Overview
Index Tools uses a sophisticated, browser-based, tracking system to identify and track visitors through your website. With this system, Index Tools is able to identify details about your website visitors, where visitors go in your website, and what they do while in the website. 

To install Index Tools, you add a JavaScript tracking code to each web page you wish to track, its that simple!.  Get A FREE 15 Day Trial Click Here


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